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For the do-it-yourself investor!

In this website you can access my experience with stock value investing, and in particular, the strategies used for buying and selling stocks.

The information provided here may save you a lot of time (and money!) by avoiding investing pitfalls.

My experience extends from the mining boom of the late 1960's through to the present day, and includes surviving a number of stock market downturns.

This experience has enabled me to better evaluate the mass of information in the financial press and to learn from famous value investors.

So the essentials for the do-it-yourself (DIY) stock value investor are outlined for you in this website.

My goal is to make an ongoing average internal rate of return (IRR) of 12-15 per cent per annum. That is, a 12-15 per cent return over time on my total stock portfolio and a doubling of my investment about every five to six years.

You will learn in this website how to measure your portfolio performance using the internal rate of return (IRR) formula.

The Excel worksheets used to check the performance of individual stocks and the whole portfolio using the IRR formula are available FREE from this site by contacting me directly.

The five most visited articles are included here to give newer readers a bit of a peek at what's here ...

  1. How to value stock: The various methods available to value stocks and how useful you may find them.
  2. Financial ratios or accounting ratios: How you can use financial ratios to help you assess the value of particular companies and to achieve the best stock pick.
  3. A beginners guide to value stock investing: A guide to enable you to get ready to invest, then to get set to invest, and then to go about investing.
  4. Economic recessions and how to ride them out: A discussion on economic recessions, what causes them, and how you as a value investor can benefit from them.
  5. Your investment risk profile: Find out how to measure your investment risk profile and to determine the type of investor you should be.
Some assumptions made about you are that …
  • you have an interest in making money to gain financial independence over time
  • you would like to find out how to accurately track the ongoing performance of your stock portfolio
  • you wish to control your own decisions about value stock investing and hence minimize costs.

And you may agree that there is one thing worse than losing money ... and that is to pay someone else to lose it for you!

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Check out the Table of Contents section below to see the range of topics covered on the site.

Table of Contents

What is your particular interest in stock value investing? Check out below the brief descriptions of the range of articles that appear on this site ...
Value investing site search
This Site Search page will allow you to search for information on this site.
The site map will provide you with information on stock market terms
Relevant information on value investing topics can be easily accessed from this site map. Have a look now?
Stock investing advice about commonly asked questions on how to invest in stock
This stock investing advice provides answers to FAQs about stock market information.
Beginners guide to investing, online investing for beginners, beginner investing
This beginners guide to investing provides stock market basics for new investors looking for a stock market tutorial.
Stock trading terms that will get you started
Stock trading terms that will get you started investing in the stock market are included her with a brief description of their meaning.
Stock market information, stock market trends
Stock market information can be very useful and include stock market abbreviations, stock market articles, stock market data and stock market graphs.
Stock market terms, value investing terms
These stock market terms and financial ratios may assist in understanding investing terminology.
Stock market tips, stock tips, stock buying tips, value investing tips
Stock market tips need to become ingrained in the psyche of beginning investors in the stock market. Check them out now?
Use financial ratios to choose the best stock to invest in.
Using financial ratios to find the best stock to invest in may increase stock market performance. Read how these measures provide a 'relative' stock valuation measure.
Analyzing financial statements is an important activity for value investing
Analyzing financial statements may appear a daunting task. But if you know how to read financial statements, life becomes easier!
Value investing as the best stock investing strategy
Value investing attempts to determine the intrinsic value of a company and is based on a fundamental analysis of the company's performance.
The best investment strategies are concerned about intrinsic value
Unlike gambling strategies, the best investment strategies are concerned with the company, and not with the share price. What are the best strategies? Have a look here ...
Stock values, Market value of common stock, Calculating fair value
Calculating stock values, or to determine stock value, is not an exact science. But isn't it preferable to be approximately right than dead wrong?
Decision making tips, choices and decision making, intuition and decision making
Decision making tips can inform value investing. Since buying and selling stock is all about making choices.
Good stocks, good stocks to buy, best stock picks
Good stocks, best stocks to buy, are found by using a value investing approach which minimizes investment risk.
A guide to selling stocks, or stock selling, helps to avoid panic stock selling
This guide to selling stocks will assist in overcoming the barriers to taking profits and to controlling losses.
Stock advice, stock investment advice, stock market advice
Knowing where to find stock advice and personal financial advice is a crucial aspect of stock investing. Not sure where to go? Then check it out here ...
Best investment books, investing books, books on investing
The best investment books, investing books for beginners. Books on value investing may expand investment horizons. Read on!
Stock Value Investing - Links
Other links of interest about investing in general and value investing in particular!
How can capital raisings affect the intrinsic value of companies?
Learn how capital raisings can affect the return on equity or profitability of a company.
Passive income opportunities, ways to make passive income to generate funds.
Finding ways to make passive income includes taking advantage of passive income opportunities. See some of these opportunities here.
How do mutual funds work?
How do mutual funds work? Individual investors pool their money with other investors. Stock investment specialists then manage the funds. But how does the value investor choose the best mutual fund?
Record keeping for asset management is essential when investing in shares
Any asset management strategy includes record keeping as an essential aspect - and stock investing is no exception. Look at some suggestions here ....
Good financial investment advice is to have an investment plan
Controlling the emotional roller coaster that can be associated with share investing can be helped by using an investment plan. See this good financial investment advice here ...
The internal rate of return is an important tool to track stockmarket investing
The internal rate of return calculation, using the IRR formula, helps to ensure that investment performance can be measured. Find out how here ...
Safe investing, safe investments, buying low risk stocks, risk management
Safe investing, or finding safe investments in stock, is enhanced if value investing protocols are followed. Need to know more about risk? Then take a look here ...
Investment loans may increase your potential wealth, but also increase risk
Investment loans allow investment of a greater sum than might otherwise be available. Look here to see how to manage the risks.
Economic recession, causes of economic recession, reasons for global recession
What are the causes of global economic recession. How to survive using a value investing approach?
What this site is about - stock value investing
Very little specific guidance is available about how to develop and manage a stock value investing portfolio in a rational way. This site aims to fill that void.
Site sponsors, find a sponsor,
Site sponsors are welcome to contact me to negotiate a sponsorship for this non-commercial site.
This disclaimer indicates that the value investing information in this website does not constitute advice.
Contact me
Contact me directly if you would like comment on this website and to obtain a FREE copy of the internal rate of return (IRR) worksheets to track your stock portfolio performance.
The testimonials included in this page provide a sample of comments received about this website from readers around the world.

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I'm John and these are my grand kids. Welcome to my site.

Click here to read my background with value stock investing. I hope you find suggestions in my site that make you a successful value investor.


"I must tell you. I have been on three hundred websites the past week reading and advancing from a beginner to novice and your site is the best I've read yet."
Stuart Vice - USA.

"I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too."
Nikita Patel - Antigua.

"Lots of good information, am using this for my college course in business. Thanks."

"Thanks for your great web site. I am a German national - living in Thailand. I was asked to teach stock investment in our local school - your website helps me a lot."
Raimund – Thailand.

"Thanks so much for the spreadsheet. I am amazed by your willingness and generosity to share this.I forgot to say, a couple of things I found particularly helpful on your website that I haven't come across before were the pages on Portfolio Management and Estate Planning.So it is exciting to be taking control of our investing and to be learning about value investing through websites such as yours. All the best, and thanks again."
Zara – New Zealand.

"Thanks John, this helps a lot. The only thing I am having a hard time grasping is the fact that from the portfolio IRR standpoint it all depends on your initial outflow which seems to skew the result. Thanks again."
Robert – USA.

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful site and sharing your experience. I'm a novice private investor with both modest experience and means who is deeply interested in value investing as the only investment philosophy that seems to be rational and really makes sense. Thanks a lot and best of luck in your work. God bless you."
Andrew – Uzbekistan.

"I really appreciate your site and information you provide. Very helpful indeed!"
Joe – USA.

"I just came across your fantastic website and I am really impressed by it, as in your website you have given your personal experience with stock value investing. You have also given stock market tips, beginners guide to investing."
Gayle - Israel.

"Could you please send me the IRR Calculations Worksheets. Excel 2003 will be great to have as I follow your site to learn more about investing. Thanks loads for sharing the info."
Maq - Kenya.

"Great website, thank you for making all of your experiences so freely available."
James - Australia.

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