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This site map provides information on investing, and more specifically, with information on the stock market.

Beginners Guide to Investing

.. Investing costs
.. Setting smart goals for investment
.. Investment risk profile
.. Types of stock
.. Why stock market investments?
.. Fantasy investing/virtual investing
.. Stock market tips

Placing Orders - Terms Involved

Stock Market Information

.. Stock market history
.. Free stock tickers
.. World stock markets
.. Chinese stock exchange
.. The stock market of India
.. Stock market manipulation
.. Delisted stocks and deregistered stocks
.. Bull markets
.. Bear markets

Stock Market Terms

.. Financial abbreviations and acronyms

Financial Ratios

.. Market capitalization - Stock cap
.. Earnings per share
.. Earnings per share growth - CAGR formula
.. Price/earnings ratio
.. PEG ratio
.. Price to book value
.. Return on equity
.. Shareholders equity or book value
.. Earnings stability
.. Debt management
.. Liquidity measures
.. Qualitative information

Financial Statements

.. Income statement
.. Balance sheet
.. Cash flow statement
.. Understanding annual reports
.. Accounting goodwill

Best Investment Strategies

.. Investing versus speculating - which do you do?
.. Stock market timing - but will the bell toll?
.. Momentum stock trading - but will the bulls keep roaring?
.. Dollar cost averaging - investing a fixed amount each month
.. Value averaging - investing a varying amount each month
.. Stock trading and technical analysis - for short term trading
.. Contrarian investing - or going against the crowd
.. Value investing and fundamental analysis - for longer term investing
.. Porters five forces - a sector picking strategy
.. Dividend investing - for enhancing cash flow
.. Dividend stripping - to make money in the short term? NEW
.. Growth investing - if you are more optimistic
.. International stock trading - to seek wider horizons
.. Watching the company insider - for sneak previews?
.. Couch potato investing - to take it easy?
.. Using model stock portfolios - to meet your objectives and risk level
.. Optimal asset allocation - controls the level of portfolio volatility
.. Magic formula investing - lets the computer do it!

Calculating the Fair Value of Stock

.. The McNiven approach
.. Net present value calculation

Decision Making when Investing

.. Investor gut feelings
.. Behavioral finance and you
.. Your money & your brain
.. Stock market watch list to aid decision making

Choosing Good Stocks to Buy

.. Initial public offerings (IPOs)
.. Single resource companies
.. Capital intensive industries
.. Penny stocks or small cap stocks
.. Regulated markets and price-competitive companies
.. Using stock market screeners
.. Check the company management
.. Investment template for buying decisions

A Guide to Selling Stocks

.. Selling when you don't have to
.. Selling when you need to
.. Selling because of limited performance
.. Selling to buy brighter prospects
.. Selling because of stock overvaluations
.. Selling for tax reasons - wash sales
.. Part selling to rebalance the portfolio

Mutual Funds - How Do They Work?

.. Types of mutual funds
.. Mutual fund risk
.. Hedge fund investing
.. REIT funds or Listed property trusts
.. International mutual funds
.. Management styles
.. Stock investment or listed investment companies
.. Emerging markets mutual funds
.. Index mutual funds
.. Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
.. Asset allocation funds
.. Separately managed accounts (SMAs)
.. Management fees
.. Stock market index
.. Mutual fund screeners
.. Mutual fund guide

Leveraging Your Financial Potential

.. Portfolio loans or margin loans
.. Contracts for difference (CFDs)
.. Stock warrants
.. Capital-protected products
.. Short selling stock
.. Managing stockmarket crashes

Capital Raisings

.. Buybacks

Safe Investing

.. The risk free interest rate
.. Types of stock risk
.. Stock beta as a measure of risk
.. Mutual fund risk
.. Stock market diversification
.. The VIX index or fear index
.. What is a flash crash?
.. Determining a margin of safety
.. Trailing stop loss as a safety measure
.. Finding a greater fool
.. Black swan events NEW

Global Economic Recession

.. The yield curve model as a predictor of recession

Sources of Advice

.. Online stock brokers
.. Newspapers and magazines
.. Stock investment services
.. Shareholders associations
.. Financial planner fees
.. Financial advice for women/ investment clubs
.. Stock exchanges
.. The value investing congress
.. Stocks trading software
.. Value Line reports
.. Value investors club - for sharing investment ideas NEW

Investment Books

.. Value Investing (Bruce C.N. Greenwald et al)
.. The Intelligent Investor-4th Ed. (Benjamin Graham)
.. The Essays of Warren Buffett (Lawrence A. Cunningham)
.. One Up on Wall Street (Peter Lynch)
.. Market Wise (Brian McNiven)
.. The Richest Man in Babylon (George S. Clason)
.. The Little Book of Value Investing (Christopher H. Browne)
.. Active Value Investing (Vitaliy N. Katsenelson)
.. Rich Woman; A book on investing for women (Kim Kiyosaki)
.. Buffett Beyond Value (Prem C. Jain)
.. VALUE: The Intelligent Investor's Guide to Finding Hidden Gems on the Share Market (James Carlisle)
.. Understanding Asset Allocation (Victor Canto)
.. The Vital Few: The Trivial Many (George Muzea)

Record Keeping

.. Estate planning

Tracking Performance with the IRR

.. Overall portfolio IRR calculation
.. Individual share IRR calculation
.. Shares portfolio summary worksheet

Stock Market Investment plan

.. My buying strategy
.. My selling strategy
.. Stock portfolio management
.. Performance appraisal tools

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.. Advertising details

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