The Stock Market of India

One of the growth engines of the future!

The stock market of India consists of a number of stock exchanges. The two main exchanges include the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

The Bombay Stock Exchange

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)is the oldest stock exchange in Asia with a rich heritage, now spanning three centuries in its 133 years of existence.

The BSE is the first stock exchange in the country which obtained permanent recognition (in 1956) from the Government of India.

BSE's pivotal and pre-eminent role in the development of the Indian capital market is widely recognized. It migrated from the open outcry system to an online screen-based order driven trading system in 1995.

BSE is the world's number one exchange in terms of the number of listed companies (more than 4,700) and the world's 5th in transaction numbers.

The BSE Index, SENSEX, is India's first stock market index that enjoys an iconic stature, and is tracked worldwide.

The National Stock Exchange of India

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), is a Mumbai-based stock exchange. It is the largest stock exchange in India in terms of daily turnover and number of trades, for both equities and derivative trading.

The NSE is expected to be the biggest stock exchange in India in terms of market capitalization.

The NSE and the BSE are the two most significant stock exchanges in India, and between them are responsible for the vast majority of share transactions. The NSE's key index is the S&P CNX Nifty, known as the Nifty.

To Conclude ...

Like the China stock market, the stock market of India will be a major player in world stock markets in the future. this market will be another engine of growth as the middle classes of that nation increase their material requirements.

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