A Stock Ticker

Can be real-time, scrollable and free!

Acquiring and monitoring a stock ticker is a good way to keep up with your investments and stay abreast of stock market activity in an efficient manner.

You can learn how to view your favorite stocks, check your portfolio, customize the product and sign up for alerts.

Free Product

If you're looking for an easy way to check your stock portfolio, try the free product from AOL Money & Finance.

With the AOL version, if you look up any symbol, that stock is automatically added to your recent price quotes.

Looking up a price quote is as easy as entering the symbol in the search bar at the top of the page.

Also available on the web are free scrolling stock tickers that looks much like what you see on TV. Some are fully configurable so you can watch just the stocks you want. It can dock onto your desktop so you can watch your stocks while you work on something else. Neat!

Portfolio Specific

A stock ticker can be customised by creating a portfolio or watch list. Once you've set up your portfolios or watch lists you can select what data you want displayed.

Alternatively, online brokers provide the option to set up watch lists on their site as well as providing up-to-date stock prices.

Creating or Editing Portfolios

Some providers allow you to create or edit portfolios from your stock ticker. If you're viewing a portfolio in an AOL product, the link will read "Edit Portfolio".

If you're viewing either the markets ticker or your recent quotes, the links will read "Save as New Portfolio".

Stock Alerts

If you don't have time to monitor stocks but still need to be informed of stock market fluctuations, you may be able to sign up for stock alerts.

Some providers allow you to be alerted for a variety of events including when a stock reaches a certain price, fluctuates a certain percentage or hits a 52 week high or low.

To Conclude

For value investors, having real-time stock market information is not as important as for stock traders, as value investors have a long-term perspective.

However, value investors may find this tool useful to check those stocks that have been previously identified as undervaluated or overvaluated by means other than the stock price.

Additional price weakness or strength, as indicated by a change in price on the ticker, may act as a trigger to buy or sell.

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