Model Stock Portfolios

Are available from a range of financial groups

Model stock portfolios are designed to meet investors' risk profiles and time frames for investment.

They provide an investment strategy that may suit some investors and are available from a range of financial sources that can be accessed online; some by subscription, some by membership application, some real, some virtual and some educational.

A sample of the portfolios on offer are outlined below.

Value Line Model Portfolios

Value Line manages four 20-stock model portfolios. As every individual possesses a unique investment strategy and risk tolerance, Value Line's goal is to offer actively-managed model portfolios that are of interest to a wide range of the investment community.

Each one of Value Line’s model portfolios has a specific investment strategy and goal.

Value Line strives to provide portfolios that will be of great interest to their readers.

Their hope is that investors can find at least one portfolio that meet their investment objectives and risk level.

Validea Model Portfolios

Validea's model stock portfolios are based on the strategies of 11 of history's most successful stock pickers (gurus). These include Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Martin Zweig, Ken Fisher and Joel Greenblatt.

Validea offers a 10-stock and 20-stock model investment portfolio based on the strategy of each guru, and two portfolios that combine all of their strategies.

Investors can select a monthly, quarterly or annual re-balancing period depending on their investing time frame.

The model portfolios are virtual portfolios. Validea's return-calculation system calculates the returns as if an investor had followed their system. Validea is not a money management firm, so all investment transactions are simulated.

AAII Model Portfolios

The American Association of Individual Investor's (AAII) model portfolios are real investments with real dollars that are managed as if by an individual investor. Some key points include ...

  • they have three model portfolios: a Model Shadow Stock portfolio, a Model Mutual Fund portfolio, and a Model ETF portfolio
  • they have a two-fold goal: to both educate individual investors and to inspire investing success
  • investment decisions are published on the website for members to follow.

To Conclude

To what extent value investors may be attracted to a model-portfolio strategy will no doubt be determine by the type of model portfolio, the method of stock selection used for the particular portfolio, and the time constraints on the investor.

At the very least, an educational benefit may be derived by studying the stock-selection methods used in the various portfolios available.

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