Value Line Reports

Include the Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line reports provide investors with accurate and independently created research information in a variety of formats. To help investors meet their financial objectives, assistance is provided in using the information effectively.

Value Line provides a wealth of in-depth financial information, presented both in print and online formats, plus objective research, insightful commentary, proven price projections, and advanced analytical tools.

Value Line Reports

These reports include ...

  • a detailed and continuously updated compendium of current and historical market and financial data spanning thousands of U.S. companies, mutual funds and other securities
  • a range of flexible, intuitive analytical tools that enable investors to navigate quickly and precisely toward their investing goals
  • an 'at-a-glance' forecast of 6-12 month relative price performance for approximately 1,700 actively traded U.S. stocks, ranging from 1 (highest performers) to 5 (lowest performers)
  • expert analysis, plus commentary and insights on companies, industries, markets and the economy, accessible in individual stock reports and numerous other Value Line products
  • publications including the Value Line Investment Survey, issued weekly, that provides financial information in three sections.

Value Line Composite Index

The Value Line Composite Index is a stock-market index composed of all the companies that are included in the Value Line Investment Survey.

There are currently 1,626 companies included in the index that are publicly listed on a number of stock exchanges in the U.S. and Canada.

Value Line Mutual Funds

Value Line mutual funds information include The Value Line Fund Adviser, a mutual fund investment guide that recommends a model portfolio of funds that fits the investor's risk tolerance and time horizon.

The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey for Windows® is a data/software service which includes extensive capabilities for viewing, sorting, screening, graphing, and preparing reports on mutual funds in the Value Line universe.

To Conclude

These reports provide a rich source of data for value investors when considering stock purchases. For time-poor investors, the model portfolios of mutual funds are an alternative option to consider.

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