Stock Exchanges

May provide you with valuable stock investing information!

Stock exchanges around the world are identified by symbols or codes, commonly represented by three letters. A company listed on an exchange is identified by a ticker symbol followed by the exchange code.

For example, TLS-ASX represents the telecommunications company Telstra (TLS) on the Australian stock exchange (ASX).

A listed security is a company that has been accepted for trading purposes by a recognized and regulated exchange.

Listed securities have the advantage of higher liquidity within a regulated environment. In addition, investors are able to find accurate information on all listed companies.

Stock Market Information

Exchanges can be a source of much valuable stock market information as well as stock prices. This may come in a variety of forms.

Free services may include watch lists, a stock market newsletter, classes, investment clubs and free downloadable share market lessons. Stock market statistics including stock price history may also be available.

Of course, it is in the interests of these institutions to provide these free services as the more people they can get involved with stocks, the more business they will generate.

They commonly offer stock investing advice in the form of a stock market course or a stock investment guide. As well, they provide stock market reports and stock market quotes.

Free online stock market games are also provided that may incorporate a stock market simulator, or virtual stock exchange.

Some exchanges offer both a schools' share market game and a public share market game using 'real time' stock market prices.

Trading Instruments Available

Besides controlling share trading, exchanges may also trade other financial instruments including ...

  • options
  • warrants
  • futures
  • contracts for difference (CFDs)
  • listed managed investments
  • emissions trading
  • self-managed super funds
... as well as providing courses in how to trade some of the above.

However, none of the above other than listed managed investments interest me as they tend to be speculative in nature.

Trading Times

Trading hours vary from country to country depending on the time zones, and also within countries because of time zones and daylight saving.

The Australian Exchange (ASX), as it is abbreviated, normally opens from 10 am to 4 pm, but is affected by daylight saving between October and March, depending on where you live.

Some exchanges refer to particular cities, such as the Vancouver exchange, and some refer to the country of origin, such as the National Stock Exchange of India.

So anytime during the day or night there will be an exchange open somewhere around the world. Stock market trading online is now a reality for investing in a global marketplace.

To Conclude

For value investing purposes, I find it well worth my time to be aware of, and to make use of the stock market data, including historical stock data, that is available from my local exchange.

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